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Spiritual Leadership and the Philippian Hymn – Part 3, The Vision and Mission of the Church

The Vision and Mission of the Church and its Leaders
In business leadership it is accepted and taught that vision and mission come first and that strategy follows and is focussed on achieving the vision and mission of the business. We, the church, seem to be good at writing vision and mission statements that reflect scripture, but we are not so good at integrating these divine wisdoms into the leadership behaviour of the church or into the models that we use to teach emerging Christian leaders. Our ‘strategy’ – the way the church operates – should reflect its divine mission – that is to spread the gospel of Christ and to grow the body of Christ.

The vision and mission of a business is centred on generating profits. Although many businesses today have altruistic motives and include social responsibility elements in their vision and mission statements, ultimately it is money that matters. The body of the church however has a vision and mission that is about salvation. It is about bringing people closer to Christ, building up the body of the church by spreading the good news and bringing about a transformation in people that reflects the way of Christ. This, Strawbridge argues, must be the starting point of ecclesial leadership. Beeley and Britton (2009) argue that we are currently experiencing a strong call to recover a sense of the basis of christian leadership in order to allow the church to fulfil its apostolic mission. Indeed there has been much in what I have read lately that suggests that the church has largely lost sight of this primary mission – to be the body of Christ. A clergy leadership development program would need to reorientate its students towards their true mission in serving Christ.

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