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Innovations in teaching leadership10 Jun

Tweet I have an idea for an innovation in teaching leadership.   My recent doctoral research found support for the inclusion of deep dialogue sessions for students, particularly incorporating the notion of reflection.   A number of lecturers interviewed in my sample said that this notion of reflection on learning material was almost completely absent from the [...]
Leadership Development

Leadership Development: Holes in the fabric of traditional learning methodology01 Apr

Tweet Emerging leaders today emerge from leadership development programmes with skills in the various modules they have completed, but without the advanced capability of seeing the big picture of how business works as an interdependent system. In fact in today’s world, even system’s theory is no longer a set of interdependent elements that can be [...]


Dr. Elaine Saunders – Industrial Psychologist

Phd in Leadership Development
Author of Assessing Human Competence
Specialising in online competency-based assessment tools, leadership development and performance counselling
Based in Sandton, Johannesburg

My key areas of intervention revolve around helping individuals to achieve their potential in the work context. To this end, my consulting practice comprises of three key applications which are related. These are the application of competency-based assessment in recruitment and leadership development, counselling as it pertains to performance, wellness and the recovery from trauma, and leadership development coaching.

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