Miracle of miracles – Jesus miracles in Mark through the eyes of Rowan Williams17 Mar

In our Anglican Communion it is the year of Mark. So naturally I was curious to have a closer look at his gospel. I was lucky enough to find an excellent book by our ex Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, on the gospel of Mark. I have read Mark before, but it had come alive with the help of the erudite reflections of the a Archbishop. Based on my study, although the text may have been written around 50 AD, is a message with significant postmodern undertones. It is a book about mystery and paradox just like the world we live in now.

The message behind the miracles
Mark’s gospel is full of stories about the miracles that Jesus performed. Jesus’ response to his disciples and the people he healed, are profound are profound and have deep meaning for Christins the world over today. The response to Christ’s miracles was always electrifying; people were astounded, amazed and who wouldn’t be? They rushed off to tell all they encountered of the miracle they had experienced. Jesus’ response was always to play down the miracle. He told most of the people he healed not to tell anyone, but they always did. Jesus did not dwell on his amazing miraculous powers, he healed people out of love. He did not want people to talk about the miracles because he wanted them to believe deeply in his Father, not because he could perform miracles; rather he wanted them to have the deep understanding of the love of Christ. A reaction to a miracle is superficial and probably short term, but to be deeply convicted of the love of Christ in response to a miracle, is life changing. It was this transformation of spirit that Jesus wanted and he knew that this required deep spiritual contemplation, conviction and growth and this would not happen in a superficial frenzy of supernatural entertainment, such as a response to a miracle.

I realised when reading this, that this is probably why I always view these mass gatherings where people are miraculously healed. Is it sustainable if there is no deep spiritual conviction, if there is no lasting relationship with Christ? This has always worried me because of the trauma that is associated with a miraculous healing that does not last. The television shows us the healing and the euphoria that surrounds it, but we seldom hear of those people again – whether there healing was sustained, whether they were able to build a sustainable relationship with Christ as a result of the miracle. ???

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