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Career Counselling

A part of the career development process where the individual is counselled on career direction.

Often this involves doing some form of assessment to help the individual to understand what they are good at, as this will inform their career direction.

Trauma Counselling

Involves supporting and rehabilitating an individual who has been exposed to trauma.

This could be anything from being a viction of an armed robbery, or abuse, rape, or perhaps being involved in a natural disaster.

Stress Management

Assisting employees to manage the stress that emanates from their jobs.

Guidance on a healthy, balanced lifestyle, which is very important if they are to remain competent and to achieve their potential.

Performance Counselling

This involving addressing any blocks to the progress of an individual’s career, particularly those that involvement the diagnosis and remediation of performance issues. Counselling also addresses personal issues that have a spill-over effect into the workplace and affect career growth and success.

PLEASE NOTE: My practice is linked to all major medical aids.

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Dr. Elaine Saunders – Industrial Psychologist

Phd in Leadership Development
Author of Assessing Human Competence
Specialising in online competency-based assessment tools, leadership development and performance counselling
Based in Sandton, Johannesburg

My key areas of intervention revolve around helping individuals to achieve their potential in the work context. To this end, my consulting practice comprises of three key applications which are related. These are the application of competency-based assessment in recruitment and leadership development, counselling as it pertains to performance, wellness and the recovery from trauma, and leadership development coaching.

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